Our Story

Charles, a.k.a. Chuck, was known throughout the Bay Area for assisting anyone who asked. Didn’t matter if it was food, clothes or school supplies for children. When he was shot and killed in 2019, his cousin Nicole Howard, who was more like a sister, wanted to continue his giving legacy while also starting hers. 

In his honor the annual Charles “Chuck” Wesley Toy Giveaway was born in 2019. The first year started off small by Nicole giving away nearly 100 toys to children in Oakland and partnering with members of the community to pay off $2,000 worth of lunch debt at several schools. In 2021, the toy giveaway expanded. With the help of donors and sponsors, Nicole was able to gift more than 200 toys for Christmas 2021. 

After seeing the smiles and relief from families, Nicole wanted to make her initiatives even more official. On January 11, 2022, the Forever Howard Foundation was born. “Our family is forever here for the community, and I wanted to continue on our legacy and name,” explained Nicole.

In the future, Nicole wants to partner with organizations and influencers across the Greater Bay Area, and one day create a safe space to house the homeless, youth and domestic violence survivors.